The Headshot Experience


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Headshot Experience


Are you ready to experience a different type of headshot? Are you ready for photographers that do what it takes to get your most authentic self to shine through your portrait? Look no further!

Our headshot sessions are all about bringing out your most authentic self! We want to make sure your images portray confidence and trust-worthiness.

Your photographer Stephen works to bring out the you that you want to portray to future clients, job recruiters, or to level up at your current career.


Your $250 session fee includes


client prep & wardrobe assistance

up to three wardrobe changes

coaching & posing: we'll share our best techniques!

viewing of images during your session to fine-tune what works

immediate image review & selection following your session

your preferred digital background & level of retouching


Your Retouched Images

Each retouched image is $100. We provide every image you choose in high resolution for printing and web resolution. Your images can be printed as large as a billboard! Transparent backgrounds and background swaps are available by request.

Ready to experience the Lunar Studio difference?

Captivate with Confidence

5 reasons to have a professional headshot


First Impressions

A professional headshot creates a positive and polished first impression, conveying a sense of professionalism and competence.

Brand Representation

It serves as a visual representation of your personal brand, aligning your image with your professional identity and values.


A quality headshot enhances your online presence, making you more memorable and approachable in professional networks and social media.

Career Opportunities

Many employers and clients appreciate a professional appearance, and a headshot can enhance your chances of landing job opportunities or attracting clients.


 Using a professional headshot across various platforms and communication channels helps maintain a consistent and recognizable image, strengthening your professional identity.

The Do’s & Don’ts

How to prepare for a professional headshot session



Partner with a Headshot Specialist

Choose a skilled photographer with experience in headshot photography.

Dress for Success

Wear professional attire that aligns with your industry.

Polished Presence

Pay attention to grooming and personal presentation.

Simple Background, Striking You

Select a simple background to keep the focus on you.

Your Vision, Your Voice

Communicate any specific preferences or concerns to the photographer.


Steer Clear of Distractions

Avoid distracting patterns or vibrant colors to stay focused and maintain a professional image.

Less is More

Don’t overdo makeup or hairstyling; aim for a natural look.

Express, Don't Suppress

Don’t forget to practice various facial expressions for versatility.

Avoid the Over-Edit

Don’t use heavy filters or excessive retouching; authenticity is key.

Patience Pays Off

Don’t rush the process; allow time for adjustments and multiple shots.

Your Photographer

Stephen Holvik

Stephen Holvik is a published, award-winning photographer with a passion for headshot photography. Stephen has mentored under Peter Hurley, regarded as the leading headshot photographer in the industry. As a member of the “Headshot Crew,” the world’s largest collective of headshot and portrait photographers, he is on the cutting edge of developing trends and techniques.

His unique process, specialized equipment, and knack for capturing your authentic self delivers an experience that guarantees that you will leave your session knowing you got the perfect shot!


Client Reviews


The quality of the branding photos by the Lunar team were so rich in color and creative that I can’t wait to use them! And last but not least, Samantha and Stephen made this experience fun and easy. For someone who is very camera shy, this experience was very relaxed and comfortable and it shows in my photos! Thank you!!!
Sam and her makeup artist were a great choice!! I wanted to get professional headshots done for my career and I'm so happy with the work that Lunar Studio's put into my session! They were both highly professional and very attentive with good attention to detail. The hair and makup artist has a wonderful talent in picking out colors and makeup to match my personality and Sam's eye for photography, attire and poses is top notch! I would highly suggest these ladies for any event! I plan on returning for another fun photo shoot again!
Lunar did amazing headshots for our entire law firm for a new website. Samantha and Stephen were so accomadating and professional. The headshots were edited to perfection and I would highly recommend them for professional or personal photos.


can’t find the answer you’re looking for?

What is a headshot?

A headshot session is exactly as it sounds. They are taken from the chest up. A headshot is all about being up close and personal, creating an image that inspires trust and confidence in your future clients when hiring you. If you are looking for a branding session, click here.

How do your headshot sessions work?

If you choose to utilize our professional hair and makeup services or men’s grooming services, your session will start in the studio with our highly trained team. Once they have completed their job to your satisfaction, we will look over the wardrobe options you’ve brought with you and select what we think will work best; this can include multiple outfit changes. During your session, Stephen will coach and pose you the entire time, showing you different techniques to create the most natural, confident images we can possibly produce. Stephen will also study your face and expressions to photograph you from the best possible angles. After we have completed a set, Stephen will have you view his computer so you can see what we are capturing. This allows for us to make any adjustments you would like to make sure we are capturing exactly what you are looking for.

Is professional hair and makeup included?

It is not included but is highly encouraged! Our team is trained in the type of professional makeup brands and techniques that work best with our lighting to ensure that you do not look washed out nor overdone.

What should I wear?

Our top priority is that you love what you’re in! We do have some key guidelines for you to follow. We highly recommend avoiding sleeveless options and anything with busy patterns (avoid stripes, polka dots, etc.). You will also want to avoid bright colors that distract from you. For women, we recommend keeping jewelry to a minimum and avoiding anything chunky. If you’re in the corporate world, we recommend blazers or cardigans with  higher necklines. For men, we recommend bringing in a variety of blazer/jacket, shirt, and tie combos. This is a great opportunity to go shopping! We recommend leaving the tags on in case we do not use certain pieces and you would like to return them. We have a steamer in the studio and can easily de-wrinkle your clothing.

Will I have my choice of backgrounds and locations?

Yes, we offer several different in-studio and digital backdrop options. We can also speciality order a backdrop for businesses looking to have their own unique style. For locations, we will discuss the different options we can offer and if you have a location in mind. We have a portable studio option and can travel to just about anywhere!

When will I get to view my images and how will I receive the final product?

At the end of your session, we will review your images to make your final selections. We will guide you in selecting your most authentic portraits and discuss editing considerations. Once final retouching has been completed you will receive an online gallery with the ability to download your images in web resolution and high resolution. Transparent background versions are available at an additional cost.